Property Services

Property maintenance and keyholding

We offer two main annual packages for property maintenance and we are able to offer bespoke services to suit your needs:

Package A is our basic package which focuses on regular visits to the property and responding to any problems caused by weather or other unforeseen events.

Package B is our comprehensive package which includes all the most commonly requested services.

Package A

Package B

In addition to the services offered in Package A, for our comprehensive package we also offer:

Here at Likva we can help you with any aspect of your property maintenance so please talk to us if you would like to discuss anything from property furnishing to major works planning and oversight.

Services not included in our packages are provided at an additional charge. If you have a package with us, you are entitled to 5%-10% discount on additional services.

Services for holiday rentals

Property rentals

For all above services, except for obtaining the license for renting, we charge 10% of the value of rent received. 

Visitor reception and care